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Edited on 19-May-2023

The mar(345)dtb User's Guide

Version 16.0

June 6, 2019

By Dr. Claudio Klein, marXperts GmbH

While every precaution has been taken in the preparation of this document, marXperts makes no warranty for the use of its products and assumes no responsibility for any errors which may appear, or for damages resulting from the use of the information contained herein. marXperts retains the right to make changes to this information at any time, without notice.

We are grateful for reports of bugs and are open to suggestions regarding functionality, usability, etc.

Program mar(345)dtb is property of marXperts GmbH. Usage is restricted to users and customers of marXperts GmbH.

Programs mar345dtb and mardtb are used synomously within this document. As far as the goniostat hardware functions are concerned, they work exactly the same way and share the same code. The only difference is that program mar345dtb is exclusively used for supporting the mar345 image plate detector while program mardtb supports the EIGER and PILATUS3 detector by DECTRIS. The mardtb flavour requires some additional system libraries that program mar345dtb does not need. In order to run DECTRIS detectors, the program requires a license file that is issued by marXperts GmbH for specific installations.

This manual is divided into the following chapters:

Chapter Description
Preface This page ...
Introduction Functional description of the mardtb/mar345 hardware.
GUI Usage of the graphical user interface
Image Usage of the 'Image' section of the GUI
Align Usage of the 'Align' section of the GUI
Edit Usage of the 'Edit' section of the GUI
Crystal Usage of the 'Crystal' section of the GUI
Easy Usage of the 'Easy' (easymount sample changer) section of the GUI
CSC Usage of the 'CSC' (sample changer) section of the GUI
XPS Usage of the 'XPS' (crystal plate scanner) section of the GUI
marμX Usage of the 'marμX' (X-ray generator) section of the GUI
marμS Usage of the 'marμS' (X-ray generator) section of the GUI
metaljet Usage of the 'metaljet' (X-ray generator) section of the GUI
Input Description of input files read by the program
Output Description of output files generated by the program
Appendix Description of some additional information about specific topics, e.g. a description on how to update the firmware of the dtb-controller.
Contents Table of contents of the documentation
History History of program changes

The following documents contain additional information related to programs called by program mar345dtb.