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It's your choice...

Whether you need a full-size low-budget detector like the world-famous mar345 image plate detector or state-of-the-art high-speed low-noise hybrid pixel detectors like the EIGER2 and PILATUS4 series by Dectris. Or integrating detectors like the line of Rayonix CCD detectors.

We have them all and we will integrate them into your experiment.


Versatility built-in

The most advanced goniostat for computer-controlled data collection. A unique feature is its capability of aligning itself to the X-ray beam - just a single mouse click is enough! At least 14 motors take care of positioning the sample or the detector or the entire instrument. The mardtb is the perfect platform for use with either mar345 image plate, PILATUS3R 1M/300K/200K pixel detector, EIGER2 1M/4M pixel detector, Rayonix SX-165 or MX-225 CCD detector not only on home sources but also on synchroton beamlines.


Something you can depend on...

You want to go for the ultimate high performance in-house system? Then don't think any longer and take the latest innovation in X-ray generation technologies, the Excillum MetalJet generator based on a liquid gallium alloy anode. This generator makes a perfect match with a high performance DECTRIS EIGER 4M or PILATUS3 R 1M X-ray detector mounted on our mardtb "desktop beamline" goniostat. The system is completed with an Oxford Cryosystems  cryo-cooler including a  marLiN2 automatic liquid nitrogen refill system, a nice experimental table and an easy-to-use radiation enclosure.

If you want to go for high performance but also for no a trouble-free system with virtually no service requirements, your choice will be the 3rd generation of our  marYX3G system.